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Antminer T21 190T | Powerful Bitcoin Miner | Air Cooled | 3 Phase Power 3600W

Antminer T21 190T Overview

The Antminer T21 190T is a cutting-edge Bitcoin mining device. Known for its impressive power and efficiency, this miner operates using 3 phase power at 3600W. It is specifically designed for serious mining enthusiasts and professionals looking to maximize their returns. Featuring air cooling technology, the device ensures optimal performance even during prolonged operations. The Antminer T21 190T boasts a robust build and incorporates advanced features to maintain stable temperatures. This miner stands out due to its high hashrate and energy-efficient performance, making it a top choice in the competitive world of cryptocurrency mining.

Key specifications

The Antminer T21 190T comes with some impressive specifications. It operates at a high hashrate of 190 TH/s, ensuring efficient Bitcoin mining. This device utilizes a 3 phase power supply with a power consumption of 3600W, making it energy-efficient. The miner also features advanced air cooling technology, which keeps it running at optimal temperatures. Designed for durability, the Antminer T21 190T is built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation. Additionally, it supports stable performance even under high workloads. These specifications make it a preferred choice for professional miners seeking maximum output.

Efficiency and performance

The Antminer T21 190T is celebrated for its exceptional efficiency and performance. With a hashrate of 190 TH/s, it delivers significant computational power, which translates to faster and more efficient mining. Its 3600W power consumption ensures it remains energy-efficient, optimizing operational costs. The device’s robust build supports prolonged usage, maintaining stable performance even under heavy workloads. Designed with professionals in mind, its advanced capabilities make it a competitive choice in the mining industry. This combination of high efficiency and reliable performance sets the Antminer T21 190T apart from its peers.

Antminer T21 190T Mining Power

The Antminer T21 190T boasts significant mining power, making it a formidable player in the cryptocurrency mining market. Its high hashrate of 190 TH/s provides a competitive edge, enabling efficient processing of complex computations. This robust performance ensures increased profitability for miners by allowing quicker returns on investment. Moreover, the device’s power consumption of 3600W strikes a balance between energy efficiency and output. This optimum blend of power and efficiency underscores the T21 190T’s capability to handle intensive mining operations while keeping operational costs manageable.

Antminer T21 190T Hashrate

Antminer T21 190T | Powerful Bitcoin Miner | Air Cooled | 3 Phase Power 3600W - Antminer T21 190T Hashrate
Source: m.media-amazon.com

The Antminer T21 190T delivers a remarkable hashrate of 190 TH/s, positioning it among the top-tier Bitcoin miners. This impressive hashrate translates to faster processing of blockchain computations, ensuring swift transaction verification and enhanced block generation. For miners, this means the potential for higher rewards and increased profitability. The exceptional performance of the T21 190T enables it to tackle even the most complex mining operations with efficiency and reliability. This high hashrate also reduces the time needed to achieve a return on investment, making it an attractive option for serious cryptocurrency miners.

Power consumption

The Antminer T21 190T is engineered to operate with a power consumption of 3600W. This level of energy usage underscores the miner’s robust performance capabilities. Despite its substantial power requirements, the T21 190T is designed to maximize efficiency, striking a balance between performance and energy expenditure. For operations utilizing a 3-phase power supply, this miner proves optimal, ensuring steady power distribution and minimizing potential downtimes. The energy demands of the T21 190T highlight the importance of utilizing a reliable and robust electrical infrastructure to support its continuous operation.

Cooling System

Antminer T21 190T | Powerful Bitcoin Miner | Air Cooled | 3 Phase Power 3600W - Antminer T21 190T Cooling System
Source: bitmars.io

The cooling system of the Antminer T21 190T is a marvel of modern engineering. Utilizing advanced air cooling technology, it ensures efficient heat dissipation. The system incorporates high-performance fans that maintain optimal airflow across the unit’s components. This feature minimizes overheating risks, preserving the miner’s longevity and operational stability. Temperature control mechanisms are embedded within the design, allowing real-time monitoring and adjustments to maintain consistent performance. This precision in temperature management is vital for sustaining the high hash rates and overall efficiency expected from the T21 190T, making it a reliable choice for demanding mining operations.

Air cooling technology

Antminer T21 190T | Powerful Bitcoin Miner | Air Cooled | 3 Phase Power 3600W - Antminer T21 190T Air Cooling Technology
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The Antminer T21 190T employs cutting-edge air cooling technology. This system features high-efficiency fans that ensure optimal airflow throughout the device. These fans are designed to operate at high speeds, effectively dissipating heat generated during intense mining operations. By maintaining a consistent flow of cool air, the system prevents overheating, which can cause damage and performance issues. Additionally, the air cooling setup is engineered to be both robust and quiet, providing reliable thermal management without excessive noise. This technology enhances the miner’s durability and long-term usability, making it a preferred choice for serious cryptocurrency miners.

Temperature control features

Antminer T21 190T | Powerful Bitcoin Miner | Air Cooled | 3 Phase Power 3600W - Antminer T21 190T Temperature Control Features
Source: www.zeusbtc.com

The Antminer T21 190T incorporates advanced temperature control features to ensure optimal performance. It includes precision temperature sensors strategically placed throughout the unit. These sensors continuously monitor the internal temperature, allowing the system to make real-time adjustments. This proactive approach mitigates overheating risks, enhancing Component longevity. Furthermore, the control system works seamlessly with the air cooling setup. By dynamically adjusting fan speeds based on temperature readings, it maintains an ideal thermal environment. This sophisticated temperature management ensures that the Antminer T21 190T remains stable and functional, even under heavy operational loads.

Design and Build

The Antminer T21 190T boasts a robust and functional design. Its exterior features a sleek, industrial look, optimal for housing essential mining hardware. Crafted with durability in mind, the materials used ensure longevity. The metal casing serves as an effective barrier against physical damage and external contaminants.

Designed for efficiency, the build facilitates excellent airflow. Strategically placed vents enhance cooling, preventing overheating during intense operations. The construction also supports easy maintenance, with accessible components for quick replacements or upgrades. Each element of the design underscores its commitment to performance and reliability, making it a strong contender in the mining hardware market.

Exterior design

The exterior of the Antminer T21 190T is both sleek and functional. Its metal casing provides robust protection and ensures long-term durability. The design incorporates strategically placed vents that optimize airflow, crucial for maintaining operational efficiency. The industrial look is not merely aesthetic; it serves a practical purpose, facilitating easy maintenance and upgrades. Access to internal components is straightforward, allowing for quick replacements when necessary. This thoughtful design underscores the unit’s reliability, making it a strong choice for both novice and seasoned miners.

Durability and construction

The Antminer T21 190T features a sturdy metal casing designed to withstand rigorous mining conditions. Its construction utilizes high-quality materials that ensure longevity and resilience. The solid frame effectively protects internal components from external shocks and vibrations. This robust build reduces the risk of damage during operation. Additionally, the unit’s construction is meticulous, ensuring all parts fit seamlessly together. This attention to detail minimizes dust infiltration, preserving the miner’s performance over time. Built for intense workloads and continuous use, the Antminer T21 190T exemplifies durability in every aspect.


The Antminer T21 190T stands out as a powerful and robust option for serious Bitcoin miners. Its impressive hashrate combined with efficient power consumption makes it a competitive choice in the market. The inclusion of advanced air cooling technology ensures consistent performance even under demanding conditions. With its durable construction and thoughtful design, this miner is built to last. However, potential users should weigh the high power requirements against the benefits. Overall, the Antminer T21 190T offers a compelling mix of performance, efficiency, and durability for those looking to maximize their mining operations.

Pros and cons of Antminer T21 190T

The Antminer T21 190T boasts several advantages, making it a favorable choice for Bitcoin miners. Its remarkable hashrate ensures top-tier performance, while the air cooling technology maintains optimal temperatures. The miner’s 3-phase power system enhances efficiency, supporting high energy demands. Durable construction promises longevity in rigorous environments. However, its high power consumption is a notable drawback, potentially increasing operational costs. Additionally, the 3-phase power requirement may pose a challenge for setups lacking suitable infrastructure. Despite these cons, the Antminer T21 190T represents a robust mining solution for serious operators, offering substantial benefits when managed effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Antminer T21 190T | Powerful Bitcoin Miner | Air Cooled | 3 Phase Power 3600W - Frequently Asked Questions
Source: p.globalsources.com

One common question about the Antminer T21 190T concerns its setup requirements. Users should note that a 3-phase power setup is necessary for optimal performance. Another frequently asked question pertains to the machine’s compatibility with various mining pools. The Antminer T21 190T supports a wide range of pools, enhancing flexibility. Prospective buyers often inquire about noise levels. Given its high-performance nature and robust cooling system, the noise output is considerable but manageable with proper planning. Lastly, maintenance is straightforward; routine checks on temperature and dust levels are sufficient to ensure longevity.

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